Cast iron piston pump of Clasal
Cast iron piston pump of Clasal

Apart from the human heart, the best pump in the world

Why should you use expensive mains water for your garden? Of for washing your car? Our hand pump is a cost-effective solution. You'll be doing your bit for the environment and it will also save you money!

Install the hand pump on a large water butt, or on a rainwater storage tank that can be buried underground. Then you'll make even more savings!

With a hand pump secured against a large upright beam, the garden wall, a large tree or your summerhouse, or installed on a well, you'll always have a supply of fresh water.



1. Pump body
2. Cover
3. Pump arm
4. Cone housing
6. Cone
7. Brass ring
8. Sealing ring body
9. Sealing ring cone
10. Piston seating
11. Piston leather
12. Valve rubber
13. Piston seat
14. Valve guide
15. Lock nut
16. Nut
17. Piston rod
18. Push screw
19. Bolt + nut
20. Bolt + nut
21. Piston valve
23. Bolt + nut
24. Plain washer