Dewatering systems

Dewatering, or well-point drainage, is important on large building sites. Quality construction requires solid foundations. Clasal piston pumps lower the groundwater level, so can be used to dewater construction pits, for instance. These heavier-duty pumps can handle a lot of work for a long time.

The level of the groundwater is often high in low-lying areas and in deltas with sandy soil. For the foundations of buildings and construction pits, pumps are needed with high suction capabilities, low energy consumption and minimum maintenance.

The Clasal solution

Based on these requirements, Clasal developed special versions of Jupiter and Goliath pumps. Their main advantages are as follows:

  • suction lift up to 9.6 m WC
  • the pulsating vacuum prevents well-point clogging
  • high efficiency
  • minimum maintenance
  • can cope well with air/water mixture

Well-point drainage projects abroad

Clasal pumps are also used in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Nigeria, the Middle East and the Far East. For projects abroad we offer a complete package:

  • suction filters and collector tubes
  • pumps
  • discharge pipes
  • pump controls and equipment to drill filter holes