Domestic use

For domestic use, a pressurised water supply unit is the ideal cost-effective solution to supplement mains water. It can be used in the garden or to provide livestock with drinking water. Perhaps you have no mains water? If not, then you have to rely on well water and rainwater.

A Clasal pressurised water supply unit is the low-operating-cost solution. And it will last you a lifetime!


  • High reliability
  • Long service life
  • Low energy consumption (0.37 kW motor for 2000 l/h!)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Sucks water up to a depth of 8.5 metres (always use with a well)

Save money with a Clasal pump

Annual water consumption for a family of four:

  • Bath-shower-toilet: 104 m³
  • Washing machine: 24 m³
  • Cleaning: 4 m³
  • Garden irrigation: 30 m³
  • Total: 162 m³

Savings: 162 m³ x €2.5/m³ = €405
Savings during the pump's life: €405 x 20 years = €8,100