Goliath diesel

Goliath diesel is a heavy-duty, stand-alone piston pump for high flow rates of up to 53 m³/h. It is equipped with an extra stone catcher and has up to 14 days' autonomy.


  • One-cylinder Hatz diesel motor
  • 12V electrical starting circuit
  • Speed adjustment lever
  • Insulated exhaust
  • Mechanical oil protection
  • Extra large fuel filter
  • Air filter replacement indicator
  • Fuel pump
  • Start box with hour-counter, ignition lock
  • 3 V belts
  • Enlarged lubricant sump
  • Sound-insulating casing
  • Extra oil collector under the motor
  • 120 litre fuel tank
  • Wide doors
  • Large hot-dip galvanised stone catcher


  • Oil collector prevents the possibility of leaks
  • Has up to 14 days' autonomy
  • Pumps water contaminated with iron or sand
  • Low noise level
  • Solid construction
  • Pump and motor components easily accessible


  • Drainage of ponds, streams and construction pits (in fact anything except sewage systems)
  • Dewatering (= well-point drainage)
  1. Reliable and economical engine with enlarged lubricant casing and oil protection
  2. electrical start circuit with hour-counter
  3. compact construction
  4. quality finish 
  5. low noise level as a result of a sound-proof casing 
  6. battery supplied with energy by a powerful alternator, also charges at low speed 
  7. extra oil collector under the engine 
  8. fuel tank 120l (12 up to 14 days autonomy) 
  9. hot dip galvanized chassis: no soil decontamination with oil or fuel is possible 
  10. wide doors and sectional panels make an easy access possible 
  11. oil, fuel and air filter are easily accessible 
  12. sound isolation material protected by galvanised grid 
  13. flow up to 53 m³/h 
  14. hot dip galvanised corner pieces (easy stackable) 
  15. large hot dip galvanised stone catcher 
  16. Panel with hinges and a gas damped interlocking: easy access to engine and valves