Groundwater remediation

Clasal supplies special piston pumps for groundwater decontamination. Our piston pumps are used in conjunction with various soil decontamination methods.

  • The extraction of contaminated groundwater by means of well-point dewatering or drains (pump & treat).
  • The lowering of the water table in order to create aerobic conditions, so that decomposing micro-organisms can become active. This decontamination method has the additional advantage of not causing further contamination of the groundwater.
  • Removal of organic pollution present on the surface of the groundwater. This application requires piston pumps with a lower flow rate.

The Clasal solution - some advantages and characteristics

  • The pump output can be adjusted by a motor controlled by a frequency converter. The output is proportional to the speed of the motor, independent of the back-pressure.
  • Groundwater decontamination can take anything from a few months to a couple of years. The low energy consumption and minimum maintenance of Clasal piston pumps is therefore a significant factor.
  • Depending on the level of pollution, suitable materials are used in pump construction.
  • The pumps can be equipped with ATEX motors, making it possible to work safely in explosive environments.