Clasal piston pumps and industry

Clasal piston pumps are used by breweries, concrete mixing plants, textile companies and slaughterhouses. And that's just a sample of the type of customers who buy them.

Why do customers choose Clasal piston pumps?

  • Excellent reliability
  • Solid construction, easy maintenance
  • Adjustable pressure without loss of flow rate
  • Very long suction pipes possible up to 2 km - or even further!


Piston pumps for general industry

In some places deep wells are no longer permitted. In that case, Clasal piston pumps are used. Water can thus be extracted from several shallow pits using a single pump. The water may be contaminated with sand or iron. The pump is located above ground and is therefore easy to maintain.

Emergency pumps for the chemical industry

Our pumps are very reliable and have excellent self-priming properties. So they are often used as emergency pumps for pumping water in crisis situations. They are fitted with ATEX motors and special seals.

Bilge pumps for shipping

Clasal piston pumps are also often put to use as bilge pumps onboard all kinds of vessels, ranging from small fishing boats to oil tankers of 36,000 GRT. In this case the pumps are made of seawater-resistant material.