The Clasal cast iron hand pump is perhaps the best-known hand pump. Time does not stand still, however, and if you're looking for a more stylish look, then our chrome-plated hand pump may be just the thing for you. Our hand pumps are reliable and last virtually a lifetime.

Chrome-plated hand pump

Would you like to pump water in the good old-fashioned way? This traditional hand pump in a modern guise exudes class in an elegantly designed garden. A new hand pump in the scullery would make an ideal birthday present for grandma and grandpa.

The chrome-plated hand pump draws water from your well or rainwater cistern. You will be benefiting the environment in general, and your flowers and plants in particular.

K2 semi-rotary pump

K2 semi-rotary pump

The K2 semi-rotary pump is a self-priming double-acting pump. It is made of cast iron and bronze, making it the only hand pump that can handle hot liquids up to 80°C. Calculated on the basis of a rate of 55 strokes per minute, this semi-rotary pump can pump up to 1,350 litres per hour from a depth of 7 metres.

Liquids: water, cooking oil, lubricating oil, fuel, paraffin, alcohol, chemical solutions, etc.

When do you need a K2 semi-rotary pump?

  • if you want to pump water out of a fuel oil storage tank
  • if you want to flush a toilet on a boat
  • if you want to empty a barrel
  • if you want to pump over lubricating oil or fuel
Atlas diaphragm pump

Atlas diaphragm pump

With its built-in rubber diaphragm, the Atlas diaphragm pump can handle the dirtiest jobs. It is a very robust pump, specially designed for pumping highly contaminated water. It sucks 100 litres of water per minute from a depth of 9 metres and is virtually indestructible. The moving parts never come into contact with the pumped liquid, which makes the pump maintenance-free.

Situations in which the Atlas diaphragm pump is often used:

  • pumping muddy water
  • pumping corrosive or abrasive liquids
  • cleaning slurry pits or waste water, etc.


Your livestock always have access to fresh water with this reliable drinker. The bowl is fully enamelled, making it extremely wear-resistant. The pressure plate is equipped with a blocking mechanism. This enables you to shut off the water supply at specific times.

Pasture water pump

Pasture water pump

The cast iron pasture water pump sucks water from a depth of 8 metres. Featuring stainless steel bolts and a drinker in high-quality enamel, this pump ensures that your horses and cattle can pump fresh water themselves at any time.

To teach your horse to drink out of a pasture water pump, place a titbit where the water flows into the drinking bowl. Your horse smells something tasty, cannot get at it and starts pushing with its nose. The titbit floats towards the horse as the water rises. Success guaranteed!


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