As well as manufacturing precision weights and cast iron cubic masses, we provide related services. You can rely on Clasal for:

  • the repair of precision weights
  • the verification of precision weights
  • the calibration of test weights

Tips for the verification of test weights

Test weights must be checked at regular intervals. Here are a few tips to guide you. It is recommended:

  • to have precision weights checked for the first time after one year of use. On the basis of the measured results, we will specify the frequency of subsequent checks.
  • to have trade precision weights for internal use verified at least every four years.
  • to have trade precision weights for external use verified every year.
  • to cease using damaged test weights and have them checked and verified immediately.


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Just a gram more - or less? Certainly not. Standard test weights must be absolutely accurate. If a pharmacist has to weigh out a milligram of arsenic, then - take our word for it - the patient doesn't need one little gram more!

Clasal precision weights and masses are a recognised benchmark. Guesswork is completely out of the question. When it comes to precision weights, our policy is absolute zero tolerance.

And to substantiate our claims, we hold certificates issued by strict competent authorities.

Clasal has all the required certification:

  • certificate of manufacture cf. ISO
  • verification certificate: certificate with the date of the official verification
  • calibration certificate: certificate with the measured results of the calibration

Further information on certification can be found on the following websites:


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