Clasal – specialist in pumps

Clasal has specialised in cast iron pumps, wood-burning stoves and precision weights and masses for more than 80 years.

You might say that Clasal directors Rik and Johan Claeys were born with a cast iron spoon in their mouths. In 1929 their grandfather, Alidor Claeys, started out with a factory making malleable and mechanical cast iron. These activities now take place at two different sites: the main Clasal company (Clasal NV) and the Alidor Claeys iron foundry.

Clasal NV, a public limited company, currently has 13 employees, a mixture of young people keen to learn their trade and experienced, highly skilled craftsmen. The company constantly invests, in both people and infrastructure.

Strike while the iron is hot

Clasal did not stand still during the global crisis of 2009. This was the perfect time to invest in the future, to put existing plans into action. One example is our newly built warehouse, which has doubled our floor space and presents several advantages:

  • Expansion of the machinery | this means faster deliveries
  • Larger storage area | less vulnerable to steep price rises in raw materials such as iron, copper and steel

Know-how and experience

Over the years Clasal has built up a wealth of know-how. Our employees gain more and more experience every day. They are proud of the job they do, and proud of the workmanship they put into it. Everyone sets the bar high to ensure the best possible end result.

Clasal's strengths

  • Vertically integrated manufacturing process, from raw material to finished product
  • Priceless craftsmanship and expertise.
  • Use of sustainable materials
  • Large stock enables fast deliveries
  • Impeccable service

Satisfaction guaranteed

Clasal's order books are well-filled with satisfied customers who come back time and again. Our products are used everywhere - on building sites, in dewatering systems, and in many more applications too numerous to mention. Clasal sets the bar high and supplies only top-quality products, worthy of the Clasal name.


The philosophy of Clasal is based on a long-term strategy encompassing all business processes. Not least of which, customer relations.