Goliath Diesel pump

Goliath diesel is a heavy-duty, stand-alone piston pump for high flow rates of up to 53 m³/h. It is equipped with an extra stone catcher and has up to 14 days' autonomy.

Piston pump


  • One-cylinder Hatz diesel motor
  • 12V electrical starting circuit
  • Speed adjustment lever
  • Insulated exhaust
  • Mechanical oil protection
  • Extra large fuel filter
  • Air filter replacement indicator
  • Fuel pump
  • Start box with hour-counter, ignition lock
  • 3 V belts
  • Enlarged lubricant sump
  • Sound-insulating casing
  • Extra oil collector under the motor
  • 120 litre fuel tank
  • Wide doors
  • Large hot-dip galvanised stone catcher


  • Oil collector prevents the possibility of leaks
  • Has up to 14 days' autonomy
  • Pumps water contaminated with iron or sand
  • Low noise level
  • Solid construction
  • Pump and motor components easily accessible

Special versions

  • Drainage of ponds, streams and construction pits (in fact anything except sewage systems)
  • Dewatering (well-point drainage)
Pump specifications GOLIATH.jpg